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Mova Wigmore

12 Exchange Road Ascot SL5 7AW


“From the word go, via my initial email to her, Mova just ‘got’ me. She gave me the words, space and guidance to recover from a betrayal that I didn’t think I could recover from, and helped guide my husband and onto the road to repairing our marriage. I’d highly recommend both Mova and counselling to anyone that believes their relationship is worth fighting for.”


I sought help from Mova a couple of years ago when I was in a very low state in my personal and professional life. With Mova's gentle guidance I managed to make sense of my situation. Week after week Mova guided me empathetically to find my own solutions and to focus on the positives in my life.

Today I feel strong and ready to embrace my life and this is thanks to Mova's invaluable help.

"New to counselling, I was sceptical on if it would work for me but had reached a point in my life where I knew I needed external support. Mova came highly recommended by a previous client. I found Mova incredibly easy to talk to and she helped me to discuss and open up to find the root some issues. By gaining an awareness of my patterns of thought and behaviour, as well as the reasons for it, I was able to consciously analyse them and remove those which were no longer relevant or serving in my life. I felt an enormous growth and change in me within a relatively short period of time and increased confidence. I noticed changes within 2 sessions. I highly recommend Mova for anyone seeking a great counsellor". 

Hi Mova,

I just wanted to write a quick email to really thank you for everything the counselling you have provided has brought me. I have been meaning to write a card but have forgotten and if I don't write an email I will never get round to saying my thanks!

Your sessions really have changed my life and the way I perceive things. You really did help me get through the darkest period of my life and I will forever be grateful for that. Just having someone to sit there, listen and most importantly help my understand everything definitely has changed the way I think.

Of I still go through my ups and downs but I feel more positive about everything now and I know that if I go back to feeling low I can always go back and see you to clear my head (if you'll have me!!)

Thank you so much again,

(Name Removed)

Mova has been so supportive to my daughter and has encouraged her to look at situations in a new way and gave her coping strategies, to assist her in dealing with very unpleasant situations at school. My daughter's life has been changed so much for the better, as she can now cope and feels confident in her actions. My daughters grown and she is so much happier in herself. I am so thankful to have met Mova as she is a wonderful therapist who really knows her stuff. Mova put everything back into perspective for the both of us, as being the Mother, I was too emotionally involved. I would highly recommend Mova to anyone who has a child who needs help, as she has given me back an even better and stronger version of my daughter who is now loving life to the max.

Dear Mova,

I just wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you for our last session which was a real "eye-opener" for me.

After reflecting our discussions can really see how the loss of my mother and the "wounds" I carry inside because of launches this huge tidal wave of pain when I now am confronted with difficulties. Since Saturday have already had two incidents with this whole divorce hell where I felt the familiar reaction of overwhelming pain and worthlessness creeping up and I did manage to stop myself getting into this awful state by focusing on the actual matter and taking actions to deal with it immediately rather than seeing myself as a victim and powerless of changing the life around me.

So thank you again.

Kind regards,

" From the minute we met with Mova we both felt relaxed, even my husband who was not sure how this was all going to work. Mova really listened to us and just gets it, life, family, relationships and talked to us like real people not like a typical counsellor and made us feel this is normal, we did work things out which feels great again and we know her door is always open, cannot thank Mova enough."

Hi Mova,

Just wanted to thank you for all your help and support over the last few months.

I’m not being complacent or thinking that I’m totally out of the woods but I’ve definitely made huge progress.

Your advice re. my “date” on Friday night was perfect. We already have the next two “dates” in the diary.

Thank you again and regards

"Mova is a wonderful mix of compassion, insightfulness, wisdom, warmth, and very importantly, humour!

She had the ability to understand and clarify our seemingly complicated personal issues, and worked with us to steadily unravel many layers of confusion and sadness, resulting

in deeper mutual understanding and a hope for the future through clearly defined and agreed life goals.

She never judges - she just understands and her calm, yet dedicated approach to us meant that we could relax and talk, knowing that her expert guidance and support would move us in the right direction."

"My son had been suffering anxiety for 2-3 years before I brought him to see Mova. He had been through the traditional CAHMS programme to no avail.

All I can say is that his treatment with Mova was transformational. I saw an anxious child with low blossom into a more assured, happier and relaxed boy within a matter of a few weeks.

When I have asked him what made the difference, he told me that Mova just understood him and enabled him to face his fears and address them, rather than hiding them away and (unsuccessfully) trying to

forget them.

Mova was always calm and kind with my son, but also gave him the courage to think and feel differently about his fears and himself, with amazing results." 

Mova came into my life highly recommended by a friend, at a time when I was completely overwhelmed with feelings of absolute hopelessness. Mova’s encouragement, kind words, straight talking, teaching and tireless support was without a doubt, the VERY BEST investment in myself that I could ever have made.

Since being on my journey of self-discovery, with Mova by my side, I have grown from strength to strength and I just keep growing!

I don't think I will ever be able to thank Mova enough.